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Take Home Death Valley National Park in Virtual Reality.

Death Valley

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user manual
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User Manual for Version 2.0 in PDF format.

Soar from 360 degree view to 360 degree view through Death Valley National Park in Virtual Reality with this amazing new CD-ROM! Click here to see Shorty Harris on the Panamint Dunes.

Your tour starts at the summit of Telescope Peak and you travel with the click of your mouse to places like Chloride Cliff, Auguereberry Point, Dante's View, and even Schulman Grove in the White Mountains! Thousands of professionally shot 35mm images were used to create the over 100 Virtual Reality panoramic images that allow you to explore the park in Virtual Reality.

The story of Death Valley's history is told in the words of the men and women who lived it in four complete books and over 25 other articles about the Death Valley country.

Also on the CD are Mitchell's "New Map of Texas Oregon and California" from 1846.

For a complete table of contents, of textual items on the CD. click here. Download the User Manual for a listing of the graphic and Virtual Reality contents.

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