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"Take Home Death Valley National Park in Virtual Reality" CD-ROM

Introduction to the "Take Home Death Valley National Park in Virtual Reality" CD

Map of Panorama Locations with links to the panos

QuickTime Instructions

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Death Valley in '49 by William Lewis Manly

Illustrated Sketches of Death Valley and other Borax Deserts of the Pacific Coast by John Randolph Spears

The Jayhawkers' Oath by William Lewis Manly

Life Sketches of a Jayhawker of '49 by Lorenzo Dow Stevens

Other Articles:

Unless otherwise noted, all selections written by Paul Fretheim.

Ancient Bristlecone Pines of the White Mountains

Bristlecone Pine, Oldest Known Living Thing by Edmund Schulman

Ash Meadows

Auguereberry Point


Bennett's Well

Bennett Peak

Bonnie Claire

Chloride Cliff

Death Valley Scotty Took Us for a Ride by Carlyle Lamar Nelson

Fifty Years Chasing Rainbows - Interview with Shorty Harris by Philip Johnston

He Witnessed the Death Valley Tragedy of '49 - Interview with "Indian George" by J. C. Boyles

"I Found the Lost Breyfogle" by Philip Johnston

Introduction to Death Valley

Introduction to "Take Home Death Valley National Park in Virtual Reality"

The Laxative Express - "Mono Rail to Nowhere" by Cora L. Keagle

The Lost Breyfogle, Pegleg, and other Mines

The Man With One Foot - The Story of Peg-Leg Smith

Mitchell's "New Map of Texas Oregon and California" - 1846

Murder in Camp - The Lynching of "Hootch" Simpson by M. R. MacLeod

Padre of the Desert by Margaret Phillips

Prospecting Death Valley in Summer by Paul Delaney

Race for Life in Death Valley by John Edwin Hogg

Scotty, King of the Desert Mine by Charles Alonzo Taylor

Shorty's Harris's Eulogy by Father John J. Crowley

The Silver Cities of Inyo - Cerro Gordo and Panamint City

Skidoo--Ghost Camp in the Lonely Panamints by Evalyn Slack Gist

White Smith's Fabulous Salt Tram

They Never Locked the Door of the Jail at Ballarat by Leroy and Margaret Bales

The Twenty Mule Team Borax Wagons by John Randolph Spears

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