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Hi. Thank you for visiting my web site and store. I have been creating DVDs of my beautiful panoramic photography and writing for over a decade and offer the very best in interpretive products on some of the most spectacular scenic areas in the world. Please spend a few minutes browsing the Inyo Pro site and have a look at the many beautiful examples of my work available here for free.
g_can_cover.jpg Take Home Grand Canyon in Virtual Reality
Take Home Grand Canyon in Virtual Reality. This DVD contains 36 USGS topographic maps in high resolution covering the area of the Grand Canyon and its surrounding high plateaus including the Toroweap and Havasu Canyon areas. The maps are in versatile and easy to use PDF format.

There are over 85 beautifully shot and produced art photography quality panoramic images in Flash format included. The panoramic images are accessed via links which are cylindrical projections of the panoramic images embedded in the maps.

Take Home Grand Canyon also includes 5 complete books including their original illustrations in easy to use PDF format. This is a complete library of the classic historic literature of the Grand Canyon. Titles included are "Exploration of the Colorado" by John Westley Powell, illustrated by Thomas Moran; "A Canyon Voyage" by Frederick S. Dellenbaugh; "The Tertiary History of the Grand Canyon District" by Clarence Dutton; "Steep Trails" by John Muir; "Through the Grand Canyon from Wyoming to Mexico" by Ellsworth Kolb; and 8 articles I wrote about my various adventures over the years hiking the trails and driving the back roads of the Grand Canyon and High Plateau country of the American Southwest during the 5 year period I was collecting the material for this DVD.

Includes installers for Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash, a complete user manual and many beautiful high resolution photos of the Grand Canyon region.

As found on all my products this is the most complete and information packed product available on the Grand Canyon area.

southern_sierra.jpg Take Home the Southern Sierra in Virtual Reality
Take Home the Southern Sierra in Virtual Reality! This DVD covers the area of the Sierra Nevada Range of California from just north of Kernville on the south to just south of Big Pine on the north. This is the area of the Sierra Nevada also known as "The High Sierra" and includes Mt. Whitney and all the other peaks exceeding 14,000 ft. in elevation in the range.

There is complete coverage of this area in 7.5 minute USGS topographic maps on the DVD. 62 individual USGS quadrangle maps in high resolution PDF format are on the DVD. These maps cost about $10 each if purchased separately, so constitute a $500.00 plus value.

There are over 280 art photography quality panoramic images on this DVD which are a result of nearly a decade of hiking, climbing and exploring the region of the High Sierra including panoramic views from many hard to reach places such as the summit of Mt. Whitney. The latest photographic techniques made possible by the finest available ditital cameras, such as High Dynamic Range bracketing, where up to 400 exposures are used to create a single panoramic image have been employed to create the most beautiful images of places like the deep forests of the Giant Sequoias which have ever been produced.

In his book "Travels with Charlie" Nobel prize winning author, John Steinbeck wrote "The Giant Sequoias have never been successfully photographed."

I would add "Until now!" because the features of the newer digital SLR cameras and software that can blend many images into one, selecting the correctly exposed portions of each image into a single, correctly exposed image make it possible to create images that include the dark shadows of the deep forest and the bright sunny California sky in the same image as never before.

Examples of such images are available for viewing for free here at the Inyo Pro web site and many more are included on the Take Home The Southern Sierra Nevada DVD.

There is a complete library of books in easy to use PDF format on this DVD including nearly every book John Muir ever wrote and "Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada" by Clarence King who was a generation older than Muir and one of the first Europeans to ever explore the inner recesses of the magnificent Sierra!

red_rock_utah_front.jpg Take Home Red Rock Utah in Virtual Reality
"Take Home Red Rock Utah in Virtual Reality!"

"Take Home Red Rock Utah in Virtual Reality!" covers the spectacular scenic region of the High Plateaus and Deep Canyons in the red sandstones of Southern Utah from Moab to Zion including Zion National Park; Bryce Canyon National Park; Capitol Reef National Park; Glen Canyon National Recreation Area; Lake Powell; Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument; Natural Bridges National Monmument; Rainbow Bridge National Monument; and Navajo Mountain and the Navajo Indian Reservation including Monument Valley.

Included are 14 USGS 1:100 000 series topographic maps covering southern Utah. These maps sell for $12 each if purchased separately, a $168.00 value. The maps are the index to the spectacular 360 degree panoramic images. There are over 120 beautiful panoramic images from all across southern Utah on this DVD. It took 5 years of hiking and 4-wheeling to gather the images on this DVD.

This DVD also includes 5 complete books which are classic volumes from the colorful past of the Red Rock Country of Southern Utah: "Exploration of the Colorado River of the West" by John Westley Powell, illustrated by Thomas Moran; "A Canyon Voyage" by Frederick S. Dellenbaugh; "The Outlaw Trail" by Charles Kelly; "Say I Kept My Dream" by Everett Ruess; and many fascinating articles about Red Rock Utah and its colorful past from the Desert Magazine including: "19 Days on Utah Trails," "Arrows from the Rainbow," "Black Wood in White Canyon," "Canyons of Colorado in Utah," "Capitol Reef-Wilderness," "Cataract Canyon Was Rough," "Circle Cliffs," "Crossing of the Fathers," "Dellenbaugh 1873," "Dirty Devil River," "Discover Fable Valley," "Don't Knock on a Hogan Door," "El Vado de los Padres," "Escalante National Monument," "Glen Canyon Voyage," "He Discovered Natural Bridges," "Hiking the Escalante," "Hole-in-the-Rock," "Home of Ancient Gods," "Land of Standing Rocks," "Navajos call it Nat-sis-an (Navajo Mountain)," "Nevills Plaque is Dedicated," "New Road from Capitol Reef to Blanding," "Rainbow Bridge 1941," "Rainbow Bridge Discovery," "River Trail to Rainbow Bridge," "Robbers Roost," "Solar Hot Water," "They Run the Ferry at Hite," "Trail to Hawkeye Bridge," "We Explored Dark Canyon," "When the Boats Wouldn't Float - We Pulled 'em," "Where the Rainbow Sleeps," "Zion Narrows."

dv_front.jpg Take Home Death Valley National Park in Virtual Reality
Take Home Death Valley in Virtual Reality! Take Home Death Valley in Virtual Reality includes 9 1:100 000 series USGS topographic maps in easy to use, high resolution PDF format.

The DVD also includes 75 beautiful art photography quality images of Death Valley and its surrounds from all seasons of the year and many hard to access places such as the summit of Telescope Peak, the highest mountain in the Park or the Palm Hot Springs in the remote Saline Valley.

Also included is a complete library of historic literature in easy to use PDF format from the Death Valley region including classics such as "Death Valley in '49" by William Lewis Manly; "Fifty Years Chasing Rainbows" by Shorty Harris; "Illustrated Sketches of Death Valley and other Borax Deserts" by John R. Spears; "The Jayhawkers' Oath and other Sketches" by William Lewis Manly; and "Life Sketches of a Jayhawker of '49" by L. Dow Stephens. Also included are a number of articles from The Desert Magazine, Westways Magazine and other publications from the history of Death Valley. "1846 map," "Ash Meadows," "Auguereberry Point," "Badwater,"Bah-vanda-sava-nu-kee - Indian George - Patriarch of the Panamint Shoshone," "Ballarat Jail," "Skiing Bennett Peak in the Moonlight," "Bennett's Well," "Bonnie Claire," "Chloride Cliff," "DV Intro," "The Great Basin through Time," "Geologic Time Scale," "I Know the Gold is There," "In Quest of the Breyfogle," "Lost Mines," "Manzanar Internment Camp," "Murder in Camp," "Padre of the Desert," "Peg-Leg Smith," "Prospecting DV in Summer," "Race for Life in DV," "Saline Valley Salt Tram," "Schulman Grove," "Shorty Harris Eulogy," "Silver Cities of Inyo," "Skiddo - Ghost Camp," "The Laxative Express."

castle_front.jpg Explore Scotty's Castle in Virtual Reality
"Explore Scotty's Castle in Virtual Reality!" This CD includes a virtual tour of the Castle and the surrounding areas. The panoramic images are linked to 3 1:100 000 series USGS topo maps of the northern Death Valley area.

Scotty, Walter Scott, was one of the most colorful characters of the hay-day of prospecting and gold mining in the Death Valley area. At one time he was as much a household name in America as Charles Lindburgh was to be a generation later after his solo flight across the Atlantic.

Scotty became famous first as one of the "Big Six" cowboys in the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

One season, after touring before the crowned heads of Europe, when the Wild West Show was back in New York City, a wealthy banker who had heard about Scotty's famous gold strike and mystery mine in Death Valley, buttonholed Scotty in a watering hold near the rodeo grounds and began questioning Scotty about his fabulously rich mine in the mysterious and forbiddingly named Death Valley.

"Oh yeah," said Scotty, "it's the real stuff alright, richest paydirt in the world!"

The banker's eyes grew like saucers with his greed and amazement.

"Yep" said Scotty, "If you send me $8000 a month we'll both be richer'n King Midas!"

The banker fell for it. Now Scotty had his grubstake. He resigned from the Wild West Show and started building his legend full time.

He traveled back to California and trekked out to his loved Death Valley. But every month or so he had to go pick up his check, and when he did the word soon got out that "Scotty was in town."

That's when Scotty's antics would begin. He was known for making a big scene at the local saloons, buying round after round of drinks for everybody in the place. He always carried his "roll" of big bills and would make showy statements of his wealth like tipping a paper boy a $50 bill, or lighting his smoke with a rolled up $100.

Then in 1904 he got the idea to charter a train to Chicago and set a new speed record across the continent. I researched that event and found the old copies of the Los Angeles Examiner from 1904 that featured the front page stories of the amazing ride of "The Coyote Special," the train Scotty "rode like a bucking bronco" all the way to Chicago from LA in 44 hours and 54 minutes, a speed record that was the sensation of the nation and would stand for nearly 30 years!

When the Coyote Special arrived in Chicago Scotty was feted at a wild party in one of the downtown hotels with people staggering drunk and even falling out of 2nd story windows at the Palmer House.

One man Scotty met was Albert Johnson, a life insurance executive from Evanson, Illinois where Johnson lived with his wife, Bessie. Scotty regaled Johnson with stories of his fabulously wealthy mine in Death Valley. If only he could get enough of a grubstake, the gold would make King Midas blush in embarrassment at the paltry nature of his riches.

Well, Scotty's stories caught Johnson's imagination, and he vowed he would get to Death Valley and check out what Scotty was talking about.

This he did, despite a murder plot for which Scotty was nearly arrested and in which Soctty's brother was shot in the leg, when Scotty got nervous about Johnson finding out that the mine was so mysterious it did not actually exist.

But Johnson, who came to understand about the mine, fell in love with Death Valley anyway and enjoyed Scotty's company and his wild stories. After one season in Death Valley Johnson went back to Chicago and urged his wife, Bessie, who was the organist for the famous evangelist of the day, Billy Sunday, to join him back in his new found paradise of Death Valley. She did, but after a few months of living the harsh life in the remote desert wilderness, sleeping in a wall tent and eating whatever grub they could scrape up, decided to take the train back to Chicago.

"I'm not coming back until you build a decent place to live out there, Bessie told Albert.

So Albert bought a mansion in Beverly Hills and worked with Scotty to build the Castle which now is known as Scotty's Castle in Grapevine Canyon at the remote northern end of Death Valley.

There are several books and articles on this DVD that detail the intriguing.

"The Autobiography of Buffalo Bill" by William F. Cody; "The Battle of Wingate Pass," "Bessie's Guide to the Castle," "Chasing Rainbows in DV," "Chicago in Record Time," "Wild Ride of the Coyote Special," "D V Scotty by Bourke Lee," "Death Valley in '49 by William Lewis Manly," "Death Vally Scotty" by Dane Coolidge, "DV Scotty Mysterious S.O.D.," "He Built Scotty's Castle," "Highgraders of Goldfield," "Scotty, King of the Desert Mine," "'Mysterious Scott' The Monte Cristo of Death Valley" by Orin S. Merrill, "Nearing the Goal," "Nothing for Sale," "Peg_Leg Smith," by Paul Fretheim; "Police Rescue Scott from Exuberant Crowd!" "Speed Records Smashed!,"Scott Starts Run of the Coyote Special," "Scotty Greatest One Man Show on Earth!" "Scotty Took Us for a Ride," "Scotty's Obituary" from the Saturday Evening Post, "The White Heart of the Mojave," "Twenty Mule Teams."

mt_whitney_cover.jpg Take Home Mt. Whitney in Virtual Reality!
This DVD covers the area of the Sierra Nevada including the eastern, mountainous parts of Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks and the East Slope of the Sierra Nevada range including the Owens Valley from the southern end of the range to just north of Mt. Whitney. It includes 30 7.5 minute USGS topo maps in high resolution PDF format. It also includes over 150 beautiful 360 degree panoramic images. 15 books by John Muir and 1 by Clarence King are also included.
big_trees_cover.jpg Take Home the Big Trees in Virtual Reality
This DVD covers the areas of Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks and surrounding areas where the Giant Sequoia trees grow. It also covers the back country which is reached only by trails in the High Sierra parts of both National Parks. It includes 41 7.5 minute USGS topo maps in high resolution PDF files. HDR photography is used to provide the best images ever available of the Giant Sequoia groves. More than 100 beautiful 360 degree panoramas are included. Also included are 16 books by John Muir and Clarence King.
kearsarge_and_high_sierra_cover.jpg Take Home Kearsarge Pass and the High Sierra!
This DVD covers the area of the High Sierra from just north of Mt. Whitney to the Big Pine Creek area. It includes 30 3.5 minute USGS topo maps in high resolution PDF format. Over 150 high resolution 360 degree panoramic images of the High Sierra are included. 15 of John Muir's books and Mountaineering in the High Sierra by Clarence King are also on the DVD in easy to use PDF format. Original illustrations by photographers such as E.S. Curtis are included as well.