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Many of these images were taken with a pocket camera, a Nikon S710, which was the top of the line Nikon pocket digital camera in 2009. The images from the S710 are pretty good. They need more tweaking in Photoshop than images from my Nikon D200, and are not quite as sharp, but they are not bad.

Images from a recent trip to Venice Beach, California

Mt. Williamson, 14,375 and Mt. Tyndall, 14,025 with Fall Color and Fresh Snow from near the Independence Airport
November 2010

Evening light at the summit of the Sheperds/Symmes divide on the Sheperds Pass trail

Me on a sand dune on the Baltoro Glacier in Baltistan
Behind me are the Trango Towers, the biggest cliffs in the world!

Watch the highest base jump ever off the Great Trango Tower!

A thunderstorm sweeps across the Sierra Nevada's Mount Bradly west of Independence.
June 2009

Autumn Color above Independence

Chicago Skyscraper Alpenglow

I shot these from the bathroom of my hotel suite in Chicago in early May of '09. The picture of the Chicago River was from the study area of the suite. I had the entire 40th floor of a 1920s era Gothic skyscraper. I was on a rare vacation. I went there to see Etta James at the House of Blues, which is just across the Chicago River at the foot of the Marina City towers.

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