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Click on this image to see a 360 degree panorama
from the summit of Mt. Ellen, highest peak in the Henry Mountains.

Delicate Arch at Sunset, Arches National Park

Click to view a Panorama from Grand View Point, Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park (980 K).
Please, if it is open, close the window for the Mt. Ellen pano before you try to view the Grandview Point pano, so this panorama will display in the correct size window.

"Take Home Red Rock Utah in Virtual Reality!"

"Take Home Red Rock Utah in Virtual Reality!" covers the spectacular scenic region of the High Plateaus and Deep Canyons in the red sandstones of Southern Utah from Moab to Zion including Zion National Park; Bryce Canyon National Park; Capitol Reef National Park; Glen Canyon National Recreation Area; Lake Powell; Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument; Natural Bridges National Monmument; Rainbow Bridge National Monument; and Navajo Mountain and the Navajo Indian Reservation including Monument Valley.

Included are 14 USGS 1:100 000 series topographic maps covering southern Utah. These maps sell for $12 each if purchased separately, a $168.00 value. The maps are the index to the spectacular 360 degree panoramic images. There are over 120 beautiful panoramic images from all across southern Utah on this DVD. It took 5 years of hiking and 4-wheeling to gather all the images.

This DVD also includes 5 complete books which are classic volumes from the colorful past of the Red Rock Country of Southern Utah:
Exploration of the Colorado River of the West by John Westley Powell, illustrated by Thomas Moran;
A Canyon Voyage by Frederick S. Dellenbaugh;
The Outlaw Trail by Charles Kelly;
Say I Kept My Dream by Everett Ruess;
and many fascinating articles about Red Rock Utah and its colorful past from the Desert Magazine including:
"19 Days on Utah Trails,"
"Arrows from the Rainbow,"
"Black Wood in White Canyon,"
"Canyons of Colorado in Utah,"
"Capitol Reef-Wilderness,"
"Cataract Canyon Was Rough,"
"Circle Cliffs,"
"Crossing of the Fathers,"
"Dellenbaugh 1873,"
"Dirty Devil River,"
"Discover Fable Valley,"
"Don't Knock on a Hogan Door,"
"El Vado de los Padres,"
"Escalante National Monument,"
"Glen Canyon Voyage,"
"He Discovered Natural Bridges,"
"Hiking the Escalante,"
"Home of Ancient Gods,"
"Land of Standing Rocks,"
"Navajos call it Nat-sis-an (Navajo Mountain),"
"Nevills Plaque is Dedicated,"
"New Road from Capitol Reef to Blanding,"
"Rainbow Bridge 1941,"
"Rainbow Bridge Discovery,"
"River Trail to Rainbow Bridge,"
"Robbers Roost,"
"Solar Hot Water,"
"They Run the Ferry at Hite,"
"Trail to Hawkeye Bridge,"
"We Explored Dark Canyon,"
"When the Boats Wouldn't Float - We Pulled 'em,"
"Where the Rainbow Sleeps,"
"Zion Narrows."

Click to download a copy of the Take Home Red Rock Utah in Virtual Reality! user manual.

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