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Our eye-catching interactive displays are
beautifully hand crafted from solid hardwood.

Click to see larger image and dimensions in inches.

These two models are designed to hang from slatwall.
Like all our displays, they require only one regular 110 v outlet.

The model to the right is free standing and makes economical use of corner space.

The models below are designed to rest on a countertop. They have felt feet on the bottom so they won't scratch!

Click for a larger view and exact dimensions.

The displays all start and stop with a single push of one button. They load and recycle automatically. We provide all maintenance, upgrades and service at no cost. The displays themselves are also provided at no cost to the retailer.

Please contact us at 760-878-9115 or sales@inyopro.com for further information.

Home | Contact Inyo Pro | Buy Products | Technical Support | FAQ

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